I travel. I write and sometimes I take photos.

I have worked as a picture editor, managed groups of photojournalists and worked in various newsrooms.

Features I’ve written and photographed have appeared in The Australian, ABC, Sydney Morning Herald and the Age amongst others.

Somehow I’ve managed to stumble through Iran (once), Pakistan and India on my own several times.

I’m interested in new approaches to photographing people, storytelling, human rights, sketching and the ways we travel.

Over the coming months I hope to update this blog to tell the stories of other travelling women who inspire me. This is all research for a semi-fictional novel I am currently writing about Victorian female travellers. If you are interested, subscribe here for the heads-up when it’s available!

For more information on my work, please check out my CV, travel storiesphoto book and portfolio.

I am not the most prolific blogger, but I am active on Quora and Instagram.