Last year I lived in an old art deco apartment a stone’s throw from a castle and a narrow street with frescos of bulls and angels. The barrio is called Poble Sec and it’s in the middle of Barcelona. It’s a leisurely walk away from the romantic 19th century boulevards […]

Community life in Barcelona

Iran has recently popped up on the radar again as a travel destination, and as solo female traveler who has visited Iran, I’m often asked about my experiences. I’ve written about this in my book, Travels in a Veil, but if you’re not up to wading through a full-length collection […]

Solo female travel in Iran

I bought a headscarf to cover my short and spiky hair. It is black, finely netted and edged with a gold trim. Later, when my hair starts to grow back it will poke through the netting, creating a fine halo. The headscarf is worn with some shalwar kameez, the baggy […]

Travels in a Veil – Sample Chapter